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Block All Firefox Ads

I know I’m not the only one who hates going to a website and having ads all over the place getting in the way of you trying to navigate around the website and ruining the overall experience. This has bothered me for years and eventually, most people develop tunnel vision and just ignore them, well that works, but there’s a much easier way and it’s called AdBlock Plus!

AdBlock Plus is completely free and I recommend it for all levels of users!

The download link is below, so click the link to download and keep reading and I’ll walk you through how to set it all up and get started!


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Once you’ve downloaded the plugin and clicked install, it should ask you for the region you’re in and then have a long list of websites that AdBlock has deemed unwanted. You can go ahead and sort through all these if you would like, or you could just leave them all checked like I do and as you come across websites that are blocked that you would like to unblock, just manually unblock them with a click of the mouse!

So, once you’re done installing AdBlock Plus and you’ve customized all your settings and restarted FireFox, you should see a red stop sign in the top right-hand corner of your browser. When the icon is red, it means it is enabled and blocking all ads on the web page you’re currently on. If you would like to temporarily turn it off, click on the small arrow to the right of the icon and it will give you a drop-down box that has an option at the bottom that says, “enable Adblock Plus” and a check mark next to it. Just click that option and the check mark will go away and the icon will turn grey meaning that it is now disabled. To turn AdBlock back on, just do the same thing you did to turn it off.

There is one more option you have in AdBlock as far as the status of the plugin. Instead of having to disable AdBlock every time you go to a specific website, you can turn it off for the entire domain or just a specific page on the domain and every time you go to there, AdBlock will automatically turn itself off until you leave that page. To do this, click the drop-down arrow again while you’re on the web page you want to do this on and click on either “disable on this page only” or “disable on” and each will do as they say.

There are other minor tweaks you can do, but they’re not main components, so you can mess around with the rest of them on your own time, but that’s how to set up AdBlock Plus so you will never see another ad again unless you choose to!

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YouTube Other Channels Box

So today I was browsing around, not really looking for something to make a video on, but I came across a video from CompHacksFYI showing how to add the “Other Channels” box to your YouTube page without being a partner!

Right as I saw it I thought you guys would enjoy it too, so I decided to show you guys how to do it as well!

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So lets get started, first just login to your YouTube account that you want to add the “Other Channels” box to and go to your account page.

Next, install the FireBug plugin to Firefox and restart the browser once it’s finished. Once you’ve done this you will see a small icon in the bottom right hand corner of FireFox. Thankfully, FireBug doesn’t have a huge distracting icon that takes up a ton of on screen real estate, so the only thing you will have to deal with seeing is that small little bug icon.

Now, go back to the YouTube account page and click “Modules”. Next, right click on the “Groups” check box and click “Inspect Element”. FireBug will now split your screen and give you a bunch of code on the bottom half and there will be a line that’s highlighted. If you look further, the line will read, value=”user_groups”. Now click on where it says “user_groups” and it should let you type, so change the word groups to hubber_links.

Once you’ve done this, just hit the little off button in the corner of FireBug and check the box for groups and click save changes.

Now all that’s left to do is scroll down and add in the other YouTube accounts that you want to link to from this one!

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Just contact me with your email, I’m constantly online, so as soon as I get your request I will submit your email to for them to send you an invite! PLEASE only send me emails that are not already in the system, meaning that you have NOT asked someone else to send you an invite yet. THANKS!

NOTE: Due to high traffic on, sometimes Lockerz delays the time they send out the invites so don’t worry, it’s on it’s way, just be patient!


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“Lockerz is the place to go to buy the coolest stuff at the lowest prices, watch exclusive video, discover new music, play the hottest games, hang out with your friends – and get rewarded for just about EVERYTHING you do on the site.

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Apples Updates At WWDC

Today the WWDC conference happened and Apple decided to give us an early Christmas!

Apple announced tons of new information and updates that are worth knowing about. Apple has some major news about the iPhone, the macbook, the macbook pro, the macbook air, the iPod Touch and some general all around news about everything else they have to offer.

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First, and probably the biggest update, is the iPhone 3gs. Apple has revamped the iPhone 3g internally and is now calling their new product the iPhone 3gs. They decided not to make any external changes to the 3gs, but internally there’s a bit changed.

Apple has also released the 3.0 firmware for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unfortunately for iPod Touch owners, the 3.0 firmware will be $9.99, but for all iPhone users it is free! This was a little disappointing, but maybe they’ll give a discount or something.

Apple has also been working on their Macbook Air recently and now has changed around the inner workings to make it into a much more powerful machine. In doing so, I think Apple has opened up the reach of the Macbook Air to lots more people who need a small laptop, but a little more power then the Air could offer before.

Apple has also changed around the Macbook and Macbook Pro families a little bit. Now the only Macbook that is still called a Macbook is the original, white, plastic Macbook. All of the other Macbooks moved into the Macbook Pro family. This is a pretty big change and along with that comes lots of price cuts so go check out the new prices.

Have a great week guys!

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UniqueSkins Product Review

Thank you so much Unique Skins for sending me some skins to review and give away!

So here’s the review of products, watch it and see what it’s all about and be sure to let me know your entry for the giveaway!

1. Be Subscribed.
2. Send me a message telling me what device you want the skin to be for.
(3. Optional:) Send me a link to the image you want to be on the skin.

Once you complete those two or three things, after a week I will pick a random winner and I will make the skin for the winners specified device and if they sent me an image link, I will use the specified image as well.


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Last week, I was looking around for more products to review and I came across UniqueSkins and thought their products looked like a winner! I looked into it further and UniqueSkins was kind enough to send me out some skins to review! After receiving the skins and looking them over, I turned out to be correct in calling Unique Skins a winner, because these skins are super durable and high quality!

As far as how I like it, I think that Apple should include one of these skins with every iPod purchase, because everyone hates to scratch up that beautiful silver backing on their brand new iPod. This makes them go buy a case, even if they don’t want it and most of the time people shop around for a case, so Apple doesn’t get the money anyway! Skins are a perfect and inexpensive way to fix this problem! I’ve always had cases with all of my iPods and I never liked how fat it made the device, but now I know what to buy with my next iPod upgrade!

Overall my opinions on UniqueSkins products are that I’m simply amazed that I never came across them before. Their products are phenomenal and I don’t think there’s any better skins out there! The skins are made of thick, almost a silicon material that isn’t going to get ruined if wet and won’t tear unless you’re trying to tear it. Another amazing thing that Unique Skins pulled off is the quality of the custom image after being made into a skin. I gave them a high quality image and that image is just as high quality on my skin, no quality was lost in development and printing! Now that’s something to be proud of! Keep up the good work Unique Skins!

The skins start at $6.99 and vary in price depending on the size of the skin.

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