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YouTube Upload Tutorial

For any of you that have a Mac, I would highly recommend downloading MPEG Streamclip just to have it on your computer, because it can be extremely useful even though it’s such a simple little application. Not only can it open just about any video file type you can imagaine, but it also has the capability to download videos directly from url’s, meaning you can just set it to download your video and export it right out in whatever format you want as soon as it’s done. Now that alone is enough to make me keep this awesome app!


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For the screen recording done in this video, I used an application called Screenium. It is not a free program, you need to buy it to use it, but they do have a free trial and it is a fairly inexpensive app that is well worth the money even if you don’t use it much.

If you’re looking for tips on naming and tagging your video’s, try searching for other videos that are about the same general topic as yours and gradually narrow it down until you come up with a good title that you want to use. Than for the tagging, just compare with those other related videos from before and type out tag ideas that you think of based off of the tags they used for their video.

There really isn’t much to uploading a YouTube video, so there really isn’t much more I can say, but if you want to get some more tips and tricks related to this topic, check out the video above and I will give you lots of other tricks you can use to speed up your YouTube upload process!

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Tix Clock Unboxing

After a long wait, I now finally own a LED Tix Clock, as made popular by Chris Pirillo!

Just the fact that it’s a bunch of multicolored changing LED’s is enough to make me buy it, but not only does it flash pretty colors, it also tells time for you!



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This is only an unboxing, it isn’t a full review, the full review will come out sometime later, so keep checking back for it.

From the use I’ve had out of it so far, I can say it makes an awesome addition to any room, office, bedroom, or pretty much anywhere that you want to make a little cooler. I won’t forget the first time someone came over and saw it, they said, “Woah! What is that thing? That looks awesome!”. And that is exactly the reaction every geek wants someone to say when they have someone come over, that is, IF they have anyone ever come over…

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YouTube Other Channels Box

So today I was browsing around, not really looking for something to make a video on, but I came across a video from CompHacksFYI showing how to add the “Other Channels” box to your YouTube page without being a partner!

Right as I saw it I thought you guys would enjoy it too, so I decided to show you guys how to do it as well!

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So lets get started, first just login to your YouTube account that you want to add the “Other Channels” box to and go to your account page.

Next, install the FireBug plugin to Firefox and restart the browser once it’s finished. Once you’ve done this you will see a small icon in the bottom right hand corner of FireFox. Thankfully, FireBug doesn’t have a huge distracting icon that takes up a ton of on screen real estate, so the only thing you will have to deal with seeing is that small little bug icon.

Now, go back to the YouTube account page and click “Modules”. Next, right click on the “Groups” check box and click “Inspect Element”. FireBug will now split your screen and give you a bunch of code on the bottom half and there will be a line that’s highlighted. If you look further, the line will read, value=”user_groups”. Now click on where it says “user_groups” and it should let you type, so change the word groups to hubber_links.

Once you’ve done this, just hit the little off button in the corner of FireBug and check the box for groups and click save changes.

Now all that’s left to do is scroll down and add in the other YouTube accounts that you want to link to from this one!

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Increase Program Loading Speed

How to make your programs load faster with a quick little change to the loading location!

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This is definitely one of my shortest tips so here are the steps:

1. Find the program shortcut of the program you want to speed up.

2. Right click on the shortcut and click properties.

3. Make sure you’re in the shortcut tab and click in the target box where you can type.

4. Press end on your keyboard and type in (space)/prefetch:1

5. Click apply.

6. Click ok.

7. Open your program and see how fast it opens up now!

This works with ALL programs and significantly increases the loading time! You will no longer have to sit and wait for your program to open, before you can finish reading the loading box it will be gone! I hope you guys find this tip as helpful as I did!

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Use Your Headphones as a Microphone

Headphones, we all have them lying around. In fact, most of us have a few pairs.

To name a few that I have, the official apple headphones, a pair of sony over the ear headphones, a pair of old school sony headphones, noise canceling maxell headphones, I have a set of skullcandy full metal jacket earbuds, and last but not least, the grenade X boosted headphones.

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If you were to ask me how many microphones I have, I would tell you two. As with most people, I don’t have a lot of microphones laying around and for a while I didn’t have any microphones at all. I solved this problem by using a pair of headphones as a microphone.

I wouldn’t recommend using a pair of headphones as you only microphone, but it will work if you need a microphone and you can’t get your hands on one right away. Who knows, you might find a great pair of headphones that work perfectly for you as a microphone, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot!

So first, look at the end of your headphones and count the rings. You will most likely have two rings, this is for the left and right audio. If you have three rings this means you have a mic built into your headphones already and you’re all set!

After counting the rings, if you have two rings, plug the headphones into a camera or a computer’s microphone input jack. Now, start talking into the headphones and see if your device picks up your voice. Try talking in both earphones at once to get a clearer and louder sound. If this works you’re all set! Just be sure to post a comment telling me what kind of headphones you used and what you plugged them into. If it didn’t work, try another pair until you get one to work!

Hope this will keep all of those horrible videos where people record themselves typing a tutorial in notepad without a microphone!

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