This is going to be a very quick video on hacking with nitepr and in this case, medal of honor heroes one. I have a whole buttload of codes and I’m willing to give them all to you for free! You just need to do one of three things in return for all the time I spent collecting them. First thing, Subscribe to my YouTube channel and sign up at my website which is, You need to do both of those things in order to qualify for your free medal of honor heroes hacks. Two, you can post a link to my website from your website and send me the link so I know that its really there. Please keep the link up after I give you the codes so that I can giveaway even better things in the future. It can’t be a forum post with a link, it needs to be an actual link. If you want, you can embed this video and talk about it a little bit and put a link to my website. Number three, make a donation to my website. One of those three things, the first one if you choose to subscribe, you also have to sign up for the blog at the same time because that’s too easy.

I’m just going to show you a few cheats for medal of honor heroes very quickly. So right now I have fast running, super jump, and no fall damage enabled. I’m going to enable my super panzershrek hack. As you can see my secondary weapon, my pistol, and the grenades are normal. I’m going to change them to be the gewer rifle as my grenades and the shotgun for my pistol. I’m also going to have the shotgun shoot explosives on Mountain Village Day, infiltration. I still have the super panzershrek with rapid fire enabled and I also have rapid fire and infinite ammo enabled on my shotgun. Last but not least the gewer rifle which has infinite ammo, rapid fire, and no reload enabled, although it is a little bit slow.

Now I’m going to die to reset everything and show you the shotgun shooting explosives on Mountain Village Day Infiltration Mode. I also have the instant respawn hack code, but I’m not going to show you because I don’t have enough time. So the last thing I’m going to show you now is the shotgun shooting explosives, which is basically bazooka ammo shooting out of a burst shotgun with rapid fire and no reload.

Download NitePR here if you need it. Just click it and the download should start automatically. Just unzip it once its finished and read the readme if you need help from there. It is a very simple process and if you know anything about homebrew, you shouldn’t have a problem. Just encase you do, feel free to leave a comment or contact me in any way you know how and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Alright, that’s it, just remember to do one of the three things that I mentioned before and prove to me that you have done them and I will give you all my medal of honor heroes 1 hacks for nitepr for free! See you in the next video!