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Kyle’s Tweets for 2009-10-21
  • @LaPlej Well I would say Windows 7 is a step up from Vista but Mac far surpasses both. in reply to LaPlej #
  • Windows 7 on Multicore: How Much Faster? Check it: #
  • @LaPlej yeah Win7 is def a lot cheaper but now that I have a Mac my advice is always just wait 2 get the new computer till you can get a mac #
  • Pirated Windows 7 Just $3! Check it: #
  • @MatchesMalone Atleast youre on the right side of the fence. Remember to vote on what you want me to tweet about next at the end of the day in reply to MatchesMalone #
  • 10 Things to do First for Windows 7. Check it: #
  • How to Prep for an XP to Windows 7 Upgrade? Check it: #
  • @samozzy heh my bad I replied to you instead of comeone else xD…yeah haha atleast you dont have to be the one going and finding the info #
  • @LaPlej idk I guess for the hardcore Windows users but in my opinion Microsoft already killed itself and hey cant come back at this point #
  • Windows 7 Ships Early in UK Thanks to Postal Strike! Check it: #
  • Microsoft’s Reputation Riding on Windows 7! Check it: #
  • Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and Windows 7 Compatibility Center Now Available! CHeck it: #
  • @samozzy maybe Im going crazy but I dont remember talking about that song haha in reply to samozzy #
  • Ok the most popular vote on what I should tweet about today was Windows 7…so dont get upset all you apple fans, just plug your ears xD #
  • @tinastullracing huh? What song? #
  • RT @iphonetastic Dear Apple: How About an Official “Magic Mouse” App for the iPhone and iPod touch #
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Kyle’s Tweets for 2009-10-20
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Kyle’s Tweets for 2009-10-07
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Kyle’s Tweets for 2009-10-06
  • Hey guys! Im sorry I havnt tweeted for a few weeks…if you want to see what Ive been doing all this time go here: #
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