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Below is a video showing you what the text below it

Today I’m going to show you how to get rid of a whole lot of nonsense on your computer, in other words, temporary files. Now this is good to save some hard drive space and it could possibly make your computer run faster.The most space I’ve heard that someone saved is 37 gigabytes! That is a lot of space to have tied up in temporary files that you don’t need. So if you have never done this and you have had your computer for a while, then you will probably save a whole lot of space from this.

So lets get started with the how-to part of this post. First you need to go to start>run and a box should pop up that says, “Type the name of a program, folder, document, or internet resource, and Windows will open it for you”. Down below that there should be a box that you can type in. click in there and type this exactly: %temp% then press OK. Now a window should come up that has lots of files in it. All those files are just files that your computer saves automatically in the background. All of these files are not needed for your computer. If you look through a little bit you will probably see a folder called cookies and history. I wouldn’t recommend deleting those folders because then you wont have those in your internet browser anymore.

Now before you delete all those pesky files, press ctrl+a and right click on a file in there and go down to properties. When the window comes up look at the size of them. Sometimes this will take a minute to add it all up and you will see the size increasing. Once you see it stop remember that number or write it down so that when you’re done you can leave a comment telling me how much space you saved from doing this.

Now you want to select a bunch of the files and delete them. Sometimes you will come across a file that can’t be deleted because you have programs running in the background so just leave those there. You may also have a message pop up asking you if you want to delete the read only file. Just click yes or OK. Another message that might come up is one that says this file is a program file, are you sure you want to delete it? For these files I recommend clicking no or cancel unless you really know what you’re doing. When you’re all done deleting everything that you could, press ctrl+a again and right click on a file and click properties down at the bottom. Now check and see what the size is of the files left. Normally its only a few kilobytes or maybe up to a megabyte or two. Don’t worry about it if it is a little bigger, you just saved a whole ton more space anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Another thing is that you should do this once every month or two to keep that space saved and not hogged up again by the temporary files. Also remember to leave a comment telling me how much space this saved you. I will be sending this list to VvCompHelpvV to let him know as well.