For any of you that have a Mac, I would highly recommend downloading MPEG Streamclip just to have it on your computer, because it can be extremely useful even though it’s such a simple little application. Not only can it open just about any video file type you can imagaine, but it also has the capability to download videos directly from url’s, meaning you can just set it to download your video and export it right out in whatever format you want as soon as it’s done. Now that alone is enough to make me keep this awesome app!


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For the screen recording done in this video, I used an application called Screenium. It is not a free program, you need to buy it to use it, but they do have a free trial and it is a fairly inexpensive app that is well worth the money even if you don’t use it much.

If you’re looking for tips on naming and tagging your video’s, try searching for other videos that are about the same general topic as yours and gradually narrow it down until you come up with a good title that you want to use. Than for the tagging, just compare with those other related videos from before and type out tag ideas that you think of based off of the tags they used for their video.

There really isn’t much to uploading a YouTube video, so there really isn’t much more I can say, but if you want to get some more tips and tricks related to this topic, check out the video above and I will give you lots of other tricks you can use to speed up your YouTube upload process!