This is my take on my Grenade X Boosted Headphones for the iPhone with an integrated microphone!

These Headphones are by far the best headphones I have ever purchased! If your looking to spend some money for a decent pair of headphones, but don’t want to pay over $100 for them, then these Grenade X Boosted headphones are definitely for you!

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The Grenade Headphones with integrated mic don’t advertise for noise cancellation, but they do a pretty awesome job at it anyway! The Grenade’s ear cups are big enough to cover your entire ear comfortably, but without being awkwardly large. In addition to that, the entire layout of the Grenade Headphones is so comfortable that when you take them off you feel like your missing a part of you!

As far as sound quality and volume goes, the Grenade X Boosted Headphones are at the top of the list! These headphones are meant to be used as speakers when turned up to the max, but when played that loud, to still retain high sound quality as if your listening to a full stereo system. When I first used these headphones I was amazed at the sound quality and fullness provided, but then when I cranked the volume I was literally blown away by how loud and full the Grenade Headphones projected!

The build of the Grenade’s is pretty much genius! The joints are built sturdily and are made from hard plastic. They conveniently placed some labels to tell you which ear is which and the Boosted Headphones fold up to just bigger than pocket sized. That’s why you get an included silky bag to carry around your new prized possession!

The Grenade Boosted Headphones come with an included stereo adapter, and iPhone adapter, and a 3.5mm adapter for use with an iPod or mp3 player. Note that the iPhone and mp3 adapter are almost exactly alike, the only difference is that the iPod adapter allows the use of a mic or ‘line in’ and the mp3 adapter does not. You can check which is which by looking at the tips of the jacks. The one with three black bands allows for microphone use and the one with only two bands does not.

With all features acknowledged, I think the Grenade X Boosted Headphones with integrated microphone are THE HEADPHONES to buy for anyone on a budget who is looking for high end headphones that will deliver up to their expectations, every time, without fail. If you haven’t picked yourself up a pair of these bad boys yet, stop by your local Zumiez or skate/snowboard store and take a look around for them.