Today I’m going to show you how to make this USB fan that I had hooked up to my PS3 in my desk setup videos. This tutorial was requested by xXSamObrienXx.
So what you’re going to need is some electrical tape, a soldering gun, which I don’t have right now because I don’t know where I put it, so I can’t really get it, and you’re going to need an old USB cable. As long as it has a standard male USB on one end, then it doesn’t matter what’s on the other end. You will also need a fan from inside an old computer.
Alright so when you take the shell off of your old computer, you should see a fan up near the top somewhere, it shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look around a little bit. Some computers have multiple fans, so just choose the one you like best!
So basically, as you should see, there are three wires coming out of the fan. If you have more or less its ok, just keep reading. Normally you will have three wires, a red, a black, and a yellow wire. First you will need to unplug the fan from the motherboard and wherever else it’s connected and remove it from the computer. Now, you will need to snip the end off of the wires so you should be left with three raw wires hooked up to your fan. Once this is done, you need to cut the end off of your USB cable. Make sure it is not the standard male end of the USB before you do this. Now, inside the USB wire, there should be a black, a red, a green, and a yellow wire? I’m pretty sure those are the colors, but if anyone knows that I’m wrong please correct me and I’ll fix this.
Before we start to assemble your USB cooling fan, you might want to clean it off because computer cooling fans tend to get pretty dirty after they have been used. Once you have done your fan cleaning duties, you need to strip the red and black wires down on the USB and on the fan so that you have enough showing underneath to solder them together. When you have done that, get the soldering gun or iron warmed up and dig up that solder we all have lying around and get ready to put on the finishing touches to your USB cooling fan! When everything is ready, take the red wire from the standard male USB and the red wire from your computer cooling fan and solder them together. Then do the same with the black wire from each of the pieces. When they are all ready to go wrap each individual wire with your electrical tape and then wrap them both together so this insures a nice strong bond that will hold for as long as you need it.
Now it’s time to check and make sure all your hard work payed off, so bring your new PS3 cooling fan to wherever you keep your PS3 (or other gaming console) and plug it in. NOTE: I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your PS3 or whatever you plug your new USB cooling fan into, if something goes wrong it is not my fault.

There is a part two to this which is posted below.

First make sure you have a free USB port on your PS3, I had to unplug my iPod charging cable first. Posisition your new USB cooling fan either behind the PS3 or near the top of it, depending on where you want to use it and plug it into the PS3, then fire it up! In a few seconds your new USB cooling fan should start working. I hope this helped and everyone enjoyed it!
There are also many other uses for your USB cooling fan besides cooling off your PS3. I’ve seen people actually stick it underneath their laptops to cool them down and help with the air circulation. Just mess around with it and try it for different things! Don’t forget to make a video response to this video or the first one showing everyone your USB cooling fan and what you use it for!