I got my Jabra BT125 Blue Tooth Headset with my copy of Warhawk back when I first got my PS3 and here’s the review!

Overall the Jabra BT125 is a really solid and well performing headset especially for only $12.00! I would recommend the Jabra BT125 to anyone who doesn’t mind wearing a Bluetooth headset on their ear.


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First I’ll start with the look of the Jabra headset. Out of the many headsets I’ve seen, I must say, the Jabra BT125 has a really sleek looking design and is easily one of the sexiest headsets I’ve come across. Although the design does nothing to improve the abilities of hte headset, the look does mean something and for the Jabra, the look is at its best!

The comfort level of the Jabra BT125 headset isn’t the best. To be honest I really don’t like the feel of many Bluetooth Headsets to begin with and Jabra could have put a little more thought into the comfort level of this bad boy. I found that after a while of using it, my ear would really start to hurt, but being as I was gaming, I ignored it until it turned from a sore ear into a throbbing headache. That was the main reason why I went out and bought the FreeStyler 500. I ended up sacrificing some quality and performance for the comfort, but that’s just me.

The sound quality on the Jabra BT 125 is really quite amazing for a $12.00 mic. I found that I never had to turn the volume to the maximum and I could always hear clearly and from what others have told me, they could hear me clearly as well. I never got any complaints in game lobbies from anyone telling me that my mic was buzzing so there’s no need to worry about that. As far as quality goes, this is probably among the best you’ll find in the Jabra’s price range.

Overall the Jabra BT125 is a solid headset and I really think it was very well designed. Again, the only negative thing was the comfort and that really kills this headset for me. If you’re looking for a headset, I’d say this is a great option and for only $12.00 it’s worth a shot!