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Gameinformer Overview – November Update 2011
Gameinformer Overview November 2011

Gameinformer Overview – November Update 2011 This months Gameinformer cover features Transformers and the Fall of Cybertron. It’s a huge month for the online gaming community as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is released within a week as well as a few other large titles in the upcoming months. BUY MODERN WARFARE 3 BUY BATTLEFIELD 3 Follow Me on […]

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Black Ops Commentary 6

Black Ops – Firing Range – Free For All – Commentary – My First Speeding Ticket This is my sixth commentary and I haven’t run out of topics yet! I hope you aren’t getting sick of Firing Range footage yet, because I sure am sick of editing all these games on Firing Range! I know a lot of you are […]

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Black Ops Commentary 3

Black Ops – Summit – Domination – Commentary – Get Spanked So, here goes my third commentary! I just had a pretty good score this game and I needed a long match to just rant a little, so this one was perfect! I hope you guys enjoy! Please leave a comment letting me know if you want me to do […]

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Black Ops Commentary 2

Black Ops – WMD – Sabatoge – Commentary – Bang Her Quick So, here goes my second commentary! I decided to keep this one super short and because it was a perfect game. By no means am I saying 9 and 0 is amazing, but I just thought it was a cool match, so I wanted to upload it! Please […]

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Black Ops Commentary 1

Black Ops – Summit – Commentary – Never Say Never I’ve decided to try and stick with making 2 videos a week, 1 commentary/gameplay/montage video and 1 review/unboxing/tech talk video every week! I will also be doing live sessions EVERY MONDAY NIGHT! So make sure to be there! We’ll be doing giveaways, answering questions, making prank calls, and occasionally doing […]

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