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Kodak Zi8 Unboxing

Lately I was in a debate of which pocket camera to purchase for the new season of my daily vlogs. After much thought and consideration, I ended up purchasing the Kodak Zi8 and I must say, I am extremely impressed with it! Even though this is only an unboxing, I will go over my first impressions and my expectations VS […]

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Samsung 40inch Unboxing

I filmed this unboxing on Christmas Day 2009, my Dad surprised our family with the Samsung 40″ LCD TV for us all. So here’s the unboxing, this is not a review, it is only an unboxing, I will be putting up a full review later, so keep checking back for that! BUY SAMSUNG 40″ LCD TV Follow Me on Twitter […]

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High Velocity Bowling Review

The review High Velocity Bowling PSN game for the PS3! High Velocity Bowling is a PSN game that you use the six axis controller to bowl. From tilting the controller to move your bowler, to moving your hand in a sweeping motion to make your bowler try for a strike, it’s all done through the power of six axis! Follow […]

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LG Dare Video Review

LG Dare Video Review for this Friday’s gadget video review. Purchase the LG Dare on Amazon. DESIGN: The design of the LG Dare is pretty awesome! I can’t really find much to complain about with the design, I think they got it good! BUTTON PLACEMENT: The button placement is pretty good on the LG Dare. The only thing I can […]

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Monitor Computers CPU Usage

Hello again, this is Kyle with and today I have a cool little tip for everyone. If you’re not a geek, then this probably won’t mean a whole lot to you, but it can provide you with some very useful information. If you have ever pressed: “ctrl+alt+delete” and chosen “task manager” then you know that you can monitor your […]

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