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Resident Evil 5 Unboxing

Resident Evil 5 was released on March 13th, 2009 to continue on the ongoing series that we have all come to love and enjoy! Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of the series, so I didn’t purchase Resident Evil 5 on launch day, instead, I purchased it around Christmas of 2009. BUY RESIDENT EVIL 5 FOR PS3 BUY RESIDENT […]

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COD: MW2 Unboxing

The official unboxing of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the game with the biggest hype I’ve ever seen! I’m calling it out right now, if Infinity Ward continues producing future Call of Duty titles, the words “Call of Duty” will be known by every man, woman, and child in the world! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released […]

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Final Fantasy: Dissidia Review

Final Fantasy Dissidia was released on 8-25-09 as a PSP exclusive with a big name to live up to! Most people were expecting Dissidia to grab the Final Fantasy storyline and run with it, but to the surprise of many, Dissidia had a different approach. BUY DISSIDIA FOR PSP Follow Me on Twitter for All my Tweets! Join my Facebook […]

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Fat Princess PSN Review

Fat Princess was released to the PSN Store on 7-30-09 and immediately took hold of the number one game in the PSN Store! Fat Princess has been long awaited by many and is now owned by countless gamers as they all battle together to retrieve their princess! Follow Me on Twitter for All my Tweets! Join my Facebook Group and […]

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Burn Zombie Burn PSN Game Review

Here’s the review of the PSN game Burn Zombie Burn! In Burn Zombie Burn, the object is to kill the most zombies as fast as you can with an arsenal full of weapons at your disposal! You start off with a semi-auto pistol and a torch and the more zombies you exterminate, the more weapons you get to choose from! […]

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