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Desk Tour 2010

It’s that time of year again and that time is the Holidays! Can you believe that it’s December already? This is just mind-blowing to me, but anyway, the point of this article is to show you my updated room tour for the 2010 season! So without further ado, let the desk/room tour of a geeks desk/room begin! Follow Me on […]

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7-In-One Dock Review

It’s 2010 and by now, if you don’t have an iPhone, you most definitely have an iPod or Zune that you bring along everywhere you go for those moments where you just need a little music in your life. One of the main reasons why iPods were invented though, were to replace the piles of CD’s that we all have […]

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Critter Crunch Review

Critter Crunch was originally created for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the Apple App Store, but has now made it’s grand appearance on the PSN! Follow Me on Twitter for All my Tweets! Join my Facebook Group and Talk Tech With Fellow Geeks! Support Extreme-Days! Critter Crunch was inspired by classic puzzle games like Magical Drop and AstroPop, except […]

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Monopoly Worldwide App Review

The Monopoly Worldwide App for the iPhone and iPod Touch costs $.99 in the App Store and I must say, it’s completely worth it. There has been a lot of time put into developing Monopoly Worldwide and its more than worth the price tag! Follow Me on Twitter for All my Tweets! Join my Facebook Group and Talk Tech With […]

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Apples Updates At WWDC

Today the WWDC conference happened and Apple decided to give us an early Christmas! Apple announced tons of new information and updates that are worth knowing about. Apple has some major news about the iPhone, the macbook, the macbook pro, the macbook air, the iPod Touch and some general all around news about everything else they have to offer. Follow […]

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