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Cannon Powershot Unboxing

Cannon Powershot ELPH 300 HS Unboxing It’s that time of the year again, my birthday! So you all know what that means, time for a new camera! This year I chose to go with the Cannon Powershot ELPH 300HS for a few different reasons, so let me tell you what those reasons are! BUY CANNON POWERSHOT ELPH 300HS Follow Me […]

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iPhone 4 Verizon Unboxing

Today is the day! The iPhone 4 has come to Verizon at last! I’m so excited right now for this unboxing and even though the iPhone 5 is due to come out in the next couple months, I have been able to upgrade my phone since November and I’m so sick of waiting that I broke down and just went […]

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Samsung 40inch Unboxing

I filmed this unboxing on Christmas Day 2009, my Dad surprised our family with the Samsung 40″ LCD TV for us all. So here’s the unboxing, this is not a review, it is only an unboxing, I will be putting up a full review later, so keep checking back for that! BUY SAMSUNG 40″ LCD TV Follow Me on Twitter […]

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COD: MW2 Unboxing

The official unboxing of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the game with the biggest hype I’ve ever seen! I’m calling it out right now, if Infinity Ward continues producing future Call of Duty titles, the words “Call of Duty” will be known by every man, woman, and child in the world! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released […]

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Madden 08 Unboxing

The official unboxing of Madden 08 for PS3. I got it from for free, so be sure to check them out for dirt cheap games! BUY MADDEN 08 FOR PS3 BUY MADDEN 08 FOR 360 Follow Me on Twitter for All my Tweets! Join my Facebook Group and Talk Tech With Fellow Geeks! Support Extreme-Days! So, some people hear […]

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