These two PSP accessories came in a bundled kit with a few other little doodads, but I thought these were the important pieces of the kit. So basically what they are is a stand for your PSP for when you’re watching movies or something similar and the other basically turns your PSP into a controller with a screen on it.

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The first accessory is the Datel Power Grip, now this fancy little gadget is for those of you who can’t get their game on without feeling the controller in your hand, so it basically adds handles to your PSP so you won’t have to do without that!

The Power Grip is expandable so you can close it up and make it more mobile for you. It hooks up to your PSP with four clips, two on top and two on the bottom. As far as the durability of the clips go, I would say they’re good enough quality that you really don’t have to worry about them breaking or having your PSP come unclipped. Overall, I would say the Power Grip is very comfortable, but I prefer using it for racing games over your basic action game. The reason for this is that it’s basically just my preference, I think you can get used to playing any kind of game with or without the Power Grip.

Datel Logo
(NOTE: The Power Grip pictured in the video is different from the Power Grip I have. Those pictures were the closest ones I could find to the Power Grip that I have.)

So the second accessory that came in the bundle was a PSP stand made by Datel as well. I looked around for a name and a place to purchase this stand, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find either so I couldn’t even get any pictures to show you.

As far as the review goes, lets start with the overall design and durability of the stand. The durability is fantastic, I’ve taken this stand on more trips than I can even count and it still hasn’t broken or even cracked at all! The design is pretty close to flawless as far as I’m concerned, the one thing I would maybe change would be have the back be extended just a little for more support of the PSP. The reason that I see of why they didn’t raise the back was because of portability and that is probably the more important aspect.

This stand would not be used like the Power Grip, you would use this stand to watch a movie on your PSP with, or maybe use your PSP as an alarm clock or something along those lines. Trying to hold this and play a game at the same time just doesn’t work, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to do to begin with. For what the PSP stand is made for, it does a fantastic job and I haven’t come across anything that does a better job yet.

Overall, I would say you can go without the Power Grip, but the PSP Stand is a must for anyone who uses their PSP to watch movies at all. Even if you only watch movies on it once in a while, the PSP Stand is still an awesome accessory to have in your bag!